tuffset™ G


Specialist Mortar - 3 Hour Rapid Strength Gain For Early Trafficking

SteinTec tuffset™ is a high performance, naturally pure, hydraulically bonding mortar for laying setts, flags, manholes, etc. and where early trafficking is required.

tuffset™ G is a revolutionary development which meets the need for early trafficking of all types of modular paving, with a single product, the only 3 hour early trafficking system with full BS7533 compliance.

Bedding Mortar
tuffset™ G mixed with the aggregate blend provided is the ultra rapid alternative to SteinTec tuffbed™ and tuffbed™ 2-pack.

Priming/Bonding Mortar
tuffset™ G mixed as a slurry paste is the rapid alternative to SteinTec tuffbond.

Jointing Mortar
tuffset™ G mixed as a slurry grout is the rapid alternative to SteinTec tuffgrout.


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Kerry Evans
technical director

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